HOLIDAY | gift wrapping II

Feeling inspired by the gift wrapping themes shown in my previous post, I headed out to Paper Source and Michaels to pick up the materials I needed.  I wanted to combine the black, gold, and natural elements, similar to pepermint, but also incorporate the chalkboard look from the Nashville Wraps tutorial.

Paper Source: matte black wrapping paper | jute rope | chalkboard tags | chalk ink marker
Michaels: gold wrapping paper | garland


DESIRABLES | fashion and accessories

I didn't embrace the brushed check trend at first, however the more I see it the more I like it.  Considering a post-holiday coat purchase...

images clockwise from top left

Banana Republic, heritage plaid poncho
ASOS, brushed check ovoid coat
ZARA, trf checked coat
Club Monaco, samira plaid wool leather coat
Madewell, buffalo plaid coat
ASOS, oasis check drape belted coat
ZARA, checked coat


HOLIDAY | gift wrapping I

One of the activities I most look forward to during the holidays is wrapping presents!  Actually, it might be my favorite part of gifting all year round.  For the past few years I've selected a theme, this year I'm really leaning towards a black and neutral palette with metallic accents or maybe chalkboard style.

Here are some images I've been looking to for inspiration this year.

1) brunch at saks, 2) style me pretty, 3-4) pepermint, 5) Poppytalk, 6) papermash, 7) Nashville Wraps, 8) chicfluff


SEWING - masculine apron

Although I do quite a bit of the cooking, Chris also cooks often and makes excellent dishes. He does this not because he loves to cook, but because he loves to eat. :) With an interest in bread baking, last Christmas I gave him The Bread Baker's Apprentice: Mastering the Art of Extraordinary Bread, by Peter Reinhart, along with some helpful tools to get him started; a digital scale, dough scraper, and bread pan.

We've enjoyed wonderfully fluffy challah, deliciously seasoned focaccia, and have become devoted to our home-made pizza doughs. Something I didn't think to get him however, was a baker's apron. The process of baking bread is extraordinarily messy (at least in our kitchen), flour and small dollops of dough everywhere!

Therefore, this weekends project was to make him an apron, not just any apron, but a masculine apron he would actually wear. An apron which fit his cooking and baking philosophy. The "I'd Rather Be Eating" apron.

Although I have made a few aprons, and have several apron patterns, all of them are pretty girly. For a basic apron, I printed this Chef's Apron pattern from Martha Stewart's crafts online. This is a very simple pattern, a great beginnings sewing project, comprised of three sides which are sewn together. I also made basic ties rather than adjustable ones, and brought it to knee length.

After completing the sewing of the apron, I decided to use an iron-on transfer for the text. With Illustrator I arranged the text with a font and alignment he liked, and made it approximately 8" across.

Next, for the transfer paper, the text is changed to outlines and flipped. After that, its just print, trim, and transfer!

My luck with iron on transfers is very hit or miss. The text didn't completely transfer, but the somewhat distress looked turned out to be a nice effect!

Can't wait for his next creation!


DECOR - kitchen inspiration

New kitchen with old memories, updating without damaging the charm of this 1950s kitchen, via BOLIG Magasinet

WISH LIST - lazy sunday

ISAK Lovebirdas and Leaf Cups, at ARTICDESIGN, € 8.90


PROJECT - napkins

This weekend, inspired by David Lebovitz's article on French Napkins, I began two napkin projects.

The first, creating a prototype for numbered napkins to add to the InboundThread line.

The second, making napkins more available in our home. With scape fabric, I made several sets of napkins, placed them in a glass bowl, and designated current napkins in use with napkin rings.

We're basically using the same napkins till we feel they really need to be washed. I still have some nice napkins I will only take out for special occasions/guest.

UPDATE - preview new items

A preview of some of the new products to be added to the InboundThread line!


Wool Felt Teapot Cozy

More to come!