New Fabric!

Its just the best feeling when you see those mail packages left by your door. Added bonus, my latest order for Reprodepot came with a free pack of fat quarters! They'll probably become coasters or something....

While I washed the new fabric, I made another sewn sewing accessory: dusk cover for the sewing machine. It is not so much for dust, as to disguise the sewing machine in our living room. The fabric is fairly simple, not too distracting, and sort of blends into our living space enough to go unnoticed.


Sewing Accessories

I've had more time for sewing lately... And as such finally got around to making a few sewing items that come in handy.

Larger Pincushion

Needle Book

They were easy enough, and a much needed improvement from the mini pin cushion overwhelmed by pins, and scrap of paper I used for needles previously.

Spring is Here

The weather is warming up. which means we can finally revisit our balcony after a long winter. We spent most of the weekend relaxing on the deck, had our first bbq of the year, and were even visited by the fire department who got a call from a "concerned citzen" regarding use of propane grill. Luckily we weren't breaking any rules, and were giving the go ahead to keep grilling!

This will be our first spring/summer in our Boston home, and we'll definitely be taking full advantage of our little outdoor space.