DECOR - kitchen inspiration

New kitchen with old memories, updating without damaging the charm of this 1950s kitchen, via BOLIG Magasinet

WISH LIST - lazy sunday

ISAK Lovebirdas and Leaf Cups, at ARTICDESIGN, € 8.90


PROJECT - napkins

This weekend, inspired by David Lebovitz's article on French Napkins, I began two napkin projects.

The first, creating a prototype for numbered napkins to add to the InboundThread line.

The second, making napkins more available in our home. With scape fabric, I made several sets of napkins, placed them in a glass bowl, and designated current napkins in use with napkin rings.

We're basically using the same napkins till we feel they really need to be washed. I still have some nice napkins I will only take out for special occasions/guest.

UPDATE - preview new items

A preview of some of the new products to be added to the InboundThread line!


Wool Felt Teapot Cozy

More to come!


PROJECT - kitchen nook

As long as we've lived in our apartment, we've been unsatisfied with our recycling system. As shown in the image below, our system has been storing recyclables in the corner nook of our kitchen, until recycling day, when they would be carried to the alley in a box. Clutter and frustration, as often a misplaced cutting board in the drying rack would send wine bottles crashing to the floor.

After some rearranging of the pantry, we've created a little space for a pull out recycling bin! Also, with the space of our kitchen nook opened up, we installed a foldaway IKEA GRUNTEL drying rack. Now things are looking clean and organized, and hopefully we won't have so many instances of broken glass!