For my mother's birthday this year, her main gift was essentially a gift card. As not to just give her an envelope, I wanted to make her an additional something. I decided a Tissue Pocket would be a cute little handmade gift, as it creates a nice presentation for the card, while also useful for upcoming cold weather sniffles.

There are quite a few tutorials online for these, but I followed this Tissue Holder Tutorial from Joanna at Stardust Shoes.

As this project uses small cuts or remnants, I didn't mind making a practice piece for myself, in case I messed up (which I did). This one was made with strips of Arcadia Retreat Bark Leaves printed cotton and osnaburg.

For my mother's tissue pocket, I did just a strip of mauve cotton with osnaburg, as she usually keeps a variety of pink toned accessories in her purse.

After I made mistakes on my initial Tissue Pocket, the second was easy. This pattern would be good for small holiday gifts this winter.

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