These throw pillows were made as a gift for my friend Andrew. Looking through scrapbooks, I was inspired by the look of linen, burlap, and hemp mixed with simple red stitching and dyes. After some experimental decorative stitching, I was ready to create Andrew's throw pillows.


- fabric (I used osnaburg)
- decorative thread (red)
- fabric matching thread
- fiber fill

1. Measure and cut 2 panels (front and back) of fabric about 1/2" larger than you're desired pillow size. Here I cut 4 panels for 2 pillows, each 16.5 x 12.5 in.

2. Create a guide for decorative stitching. I used masking tape, however there are many ways to do this. Place guide about a 1/4" from the location of your desired stitch.

3. Align your guide to the outside edge of your sewing machine's pressure foot, and follow as you sew your decorative stitch. To create thicker and thinner variations of decorative stitching, set your machine's zigzag stitch on a short length and a wide width such at .5 to 5. Continue stitching on all panels, moving the masking tape as needed to create guides for additional lines. Here, I stitched two panels with horizontal lines and two with vertical lines.

4. Pin right sides of 2 panels and sew together, leaving about a 2" open at the bottom. Trim edges to reduce bulk.

5. Turn inside out, iron edges and 2" gap.

6. Stuff opening with poly-fill and pin closed.

7. Either hand stitch the opening closed, or sewed along all edges to create an elevated seam (as shown).

Finished pillows!

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